Parking Information

Hamilton International Airport offers terminal parking located directly in front of the Air Terminal Building. The terminal parking lot is fully automated and provides easy payment options including all major credit cards, debit and cash.

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Drive-up Parking

Pull up to the ticket dispenser at the parking lot entrance, press the button to receive your Entry Ticket and proceed to the parking lot. Keep your ticket with you. When you return, insert your Entry Ticket into one of the Automated Pay Stations and proceed with payment. Automated Pay Stations can be found at the following locations below:

In-Terminal Pay Stations
Payment Methods: Cash, Debit or Credit Card
Insert your Entry Ticket followed by your method of payment. Your ticket will be validated and returned to you. Proceed to your vehicle and insert your validated ticket at the Exit Gate.

Exit Gate Pay Stations
Payment Methods Directly at the Gates: Credit Card Only
Payment Methods at the Outdoor Kiosk (Located Directly Beside the Exit Gates): Debit or Credit Only – No Cash
Insert your Entry Ticket followed by your method of payment.

Parking Rates
Length of Stay Online Reservation Parking Rates Drive-up Parking Rates
0 to 20 Minutes $2.55 $3.00
20 Minutes to 1 Hour $8.55 $9.00
Each Additional Hour $8.55 $9.00
Daily Maximum $28.50 $30.00
Weekly Maximum (5 to 7 days) $142.50 $150.00

Note: Any length of parking that exceeds 7 days (Weekly Maximum rate) will automatically incur an additional Daily Maximum charge at the start of each additional 24 hours parked.

Parking Map
Hamilton Airport Parking Map