Hamilton International Airport is committed to providing an accommodating and inclusive airport experience to persons with disabilities and special needs.

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is subject to the Canadian Transportation Agency Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations and the provisions of these regulations that apply to it, and the services that it offers to persons with disabilities and any conditions that apply to those services.

Under the regulations, our obligations are to the following sections:

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call 905.679.4908.

There are a number of accessible ground transportation options available to and from Hamilton International Airport, including vehicles with the ability to carry a non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aid. Ground transportation, including taxis, rental cars, and shuttles should be pre-arranged with the service provider ahead of time to ensure an accessible vehicle is ready to take you to or from the Airport. For more information on ground transportation options to and from Hamilton International, please visit our Ground Transportation page.

Hamilton Cab has specialty cars and vans to accommodate non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and/or guide dogs. For more information on Hamilton Cab’s accessible services, please click here

Public Transportation
The Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) operates bus service to and from Hamilton International using accessible low floor busses with the ability to accommodate non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aids. These floors make it easier for everyone, especially for people in wheelchairs, scooters and walkers to get on and off the bus. For more information on accessible transit with HSR, please click here.

Rent an Accessible Vehicle
Rental car companies at Hamilton International provide a range of adaptive driving devices and services for customers with disabilities, including vans with fold down seats that can accommodate a non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aid. To ensure availability, rental cars should be reserved in advance by contacting the service provider directly. For more information, please consult the links below:

Request an Accessible Vehicle (DARTS)
DARTS is a door-to-door transportation service employing wheelchair accessible buses, vans, MVs and contracted taxi services when appropriate. DARTS works under contract to Accessible Transportation Services (ATS), a department of the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR). DARTS service is available to persons with disabilities who are unable to access regular transit service and can accommodate most mobility devices (canes, scooter, walker, or wheelchair both folding and non-folding). To learn more about the DARTS reservation process, please click here.

Our terminal parking facilities are accessible with designated parking spots. To use one of these spots, please ensure your valid Accessible Parking Permit is displayed and clearly visible on the vehicles sun visor or front dash. Curbside pick-up and drop-off is also available; however, no vehicle can be left unattended in these areas. To review an image of our parking facilities, please click here.

The Curbside Assistance Program at Hamilton International Airport offers accessible assistance from the terminal curb to the airline check-in counter, as well as from arrivals to your transportation. This service is for airline passenger with mobility needs and the service will provide a wheelchair, baggage assistance and/or guiding services. The Curbside Assistance Program is an on-demand service; however, we encourage you to book with us 48 hours in advance of your departure date to allow time for your requests to be fulfilled.

Travellers who require special assistance may email their request to or by contacting us directly at 905.679.4908. Please include the following information in your request:

  • Nature of Special Needs Assistance
  • Date of Travel
  • Airline and Flight Number or Destination
  • Time of Arrival at Airport Curbside
  • Traveller Name
  • Phone and Email Address
  • Name of Person Arranging Assistance (if different from Traveller Name above)
  • Phone and Email Address
  • Vehicle Description (Make, Model, Colour)

For Passengers Departing from Hamilton International Airport:

When you arrive, park in the designated parking space on the terminal curb and call the Curbside Service Representative at the number listed on the Curbside Assistance sign, or dial 905-679-4908.  A Curbside Service Representative will take your information and location and meet and assist you to your airline’s check-in counter.  Once you arrive at the check-in counter, the Curbside Service Representative will locate an Airline Representative to help you complete the check-in process.

For Passengers Arriving at Hamilton International Airport:

Upon landing at Hamilton International, an Airline Representative will assist you from the aircraft and to the baggage carousel.  Once you have collected your personal belongings, the Airline Representative will contact the Curbside Service Representative on your behalf, who will escort you to the terminal curb. The Curbside Service Representative will assist you with your bags and to your transportation.

For service between check-in and boarding or upon arrival at your final destination, please contact your airline. We recommend travellers review their airline’s check-in, cut-off and boarding time requirements prior to arriving at the Airport. For more information, please click here.

If you are flying in or out of Hamilton International Airport, we recommend you inform your airline, tour operator or travel agent of your requirement(s) at the time of booking and if you intend to take your own mobility device (such as wheelchair or scooter). The airline representatives will be able to provide information on the use of wheelchairs, passenger escort services, transportation within the Airport, and support with the check-in and boarding process as well as arrival at your final destination. We also recommend travellers review their airline’s check-in, cut-off and boarding time requirements prior to arriving at the Airport. For more information, please click here.

Hamilton International is wheelchair accessible. Airlines operating out of the Airport have wheelchairs available for passengers.

All washrooms at Hamilton International Airport have a wheelchair accessible toilet. You will find them in the following areas:

  • Check-In/Ticket Counters (includes four private, family-style accessible washrooms)
  • Domestic Arrivals Area
  • International Arrivals Area
  • Departures Lounge (includes two private, family-style accessible washrooms)

Designated Relief Areas for Service Animals and Pets
Designated relief areas for service animals and pets are available both pre and post-screening.

  • Pre-Screening Location: There is a designated relieving area for service animals and pets located directly outside the Arrivals doors of the air terminal building. To access this area from inside the terminal, proceed past the car rental counters and use the Arrivals exit.
  • Post-Screening Location(s): Washroom facilities in the Departures Lounge are equipped with a designated relief area for service animals and pets.

Screening Checkpoint
The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is a Crown corporation responsible for securing specific elements of the air transportation system – from passenger and baggage screening to screening airport workers. CATSA recognizes that travel can be challenging for passengers with special needs. For general information about planning your trip and what to do at the screening checkpoint, please click here.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Program
Hamilton International is pleased to participate in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Program. A hidden or invisible disability is a disability that is not immediately apparent and can include sensory and medical disabilities like brain injuries, chronic pain, mental illness, gastro-intestinal disorders, and much more. Wearing the Sunflower Lanyard provides passengers with invisible disabilities a discreet way to signal that they may require additional support, help, or a little extra time to complete a task while travelling through the Airport. To participate in the program, passengers can pick up a Sunflower Lanyard at the Information Desk or the Operations Centre. Alternatively, lanyards can also be requested by mail by emailing at least 14 days before travel.

Hearing Loop
Hamilton International’s Information Desk, located in the main concourse, is equipped with Hearing Loop technology which was donated by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association to help those guests with hearing accessibility needs. A Hearing Loop, also known as an Induction or Audio Loop, provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to T-Coil (Telecoil) setting. Since the signal is being delivered directly to the Hearing Aid or Cochlear Implant, the sound is customized to each individual’s hearing needs.

Accessible Seating
There is accessible seating available for travellers and visitors throughout the terminal building.

Any person who would like to provide us with feedback so that we can continually work on bettering the airport experience by preventing and removing barriers to access are encouraged to submit their comments and complaints as directed below.

Phone: 905-679-4908 (between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday)
Mailing Address: 9300 Airport Road, Suite 2206, Mount Hope, ON L0R 1W0

Accessibility Complaint Resolution Process

  1. An accessibility complaint is received by email at or a complaint is transcribed by an employee who answers a call at 905-679-4908.
  2. If the complaint is received by email, an acknowledgement receipt is sent within three business days. At that time, more information may be requested.
  3. Depending on the circumstances:
  • If the complaint is related to Hamilton International Airport (the Airport) service and can be easily resolved, the Airport will endeavor to rectify the situation and inform the complainant as to what action(s) resulted from the complaint.
  • If the complaint is related to an Airport service or airport facility and cannot be easily resolved, the issue will be further explored by the Airport, and measures will be taken to find a solution. Once implemented, the Airport will inform the complainant as to what actions resulted from the complaint.
  • If a complaint pertains to a service provider on airport grounds that does not have a formal complaint response/resolution process through its website, the email will be escalated to the implicated airport partner’s team lead at the Airport. Then:
    • the service provider will respond directly to the complainant and copy the Airport; or
    • the service provider will respond to the Airport, who in turn will inform the complainant.
  • If a complaint pertains to a service on airport grounds that has a formal complaint response/resolution process through its website, the Airport will refer the complainant to that resource. The Airport will also inform the implicated airport partner’s team lead at the Airport of the complaint.

Hamilton International has prepared its 2024-2027 Accessibility Plan to guide its commitment to providing a diverse, inclusive and accessible experience for all users of the Airport and to ensure it meets or exceeds its requirements under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA).

Hamilton International is subject to and committed to meeting or exceeding Canada Transport Agency (CTA) accessibility-related regulations, including both the ACA and the ATPDR. Hamilton International has, in accordance with the ACA, ATPDR and other regulations, implemented numerous programs and services designed to ensure accessibility for all who travel through the Airport. Hamilton International has also implemented additional accessibility initiatives and services that go beyond regulatory compliance to improve accessibility and enhance the travel experience for people with disabilities. Hamilton International is committed to continuing and improving upon its existing accessible services and facilities.

Alternate formats can be requested by contacting the Airport at or 905-679-4908.

The Canadian Transportation Agency works to ensure that federally regulated (air, rail, marine and interprovincial bus) transportation services and facilities in Canada are accessible to persons with disabilities. The Agency provides publications and checklists to help you plan travel that meets accessibility requirements. If you run into problems while in transit and cannot resolve them directly with your transportation service provider, the Agency can help you resolve a wide range of transportation disputes. The Agency’s Accessible Transportation website includes information on the carriage of mobility aids on planes, trains and ferries, FAQs on accessible transportation, an email newsletter for persons with disabilities, a guide to accessible travel entitled, Take Charge of Your Travel: A Guide for Persons with Disabilities, and a list of accessible transportation links.

For more information and guidance about accessible travel and the CTA’s dispute resolution services, please contact