2023-2043 Master Plan

Hamilton International has prepared its 2023-2043 Airport Master Plan to guide the Airport in achieving its long-term vision.

The 2023-2043 Master Plan will assist the Airport’s management team in making informed, strategic decisions over the next 20 years, with flexibility to adapt plans based on changing social, economic and/or environmental conditions.

Hamilton International’s 2023-2043 Master Plan was informed by a variety of data sources and analysis methods, including consultation with Airport employees, tenants, business partners and broader community. The Plan gives an overview of current facilities and infrastructure, forecasts future needs in relation to different scenarios, provides recommendations for development, as well as defines a land use plan that ensures continued operation, effective use of land and cost-effective development.

As a guiding document, Hamilton International is not bound to implement any recommendations outlined in the 2023-2043 Master Plan. Each recommendation, including implementation and timing, will be assessed from the perspective of several criteria, including operational necessity, financial capability, and a review of cost versus benefit of that recommendation.

The final 2023-2043 Airport Master Plan will be available soon and we invite you to check back to view the document.

In the meantime, individuals with specific questions about the 2023-2043 Airport Master Plan can email info@flyhamilton.ca.