Corporate Governance

Hamilton International Airport’s Board of Directors is a team of professionals connected to the local community and/or aviation industry, providing governance for the Airport. The Board of Directors meets four times a year and Hamilton International Airport’s Executive Management Team reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Hamilton International Airport’s Board of Directors
Vantage Airport Group – Canadian Network
Hamilton International Airport’s Leadership Team

In 1996 TradePort International Corporation (Hamilton International Airport Limited) entered into a 40-year lease agreement with the City of Hamilton to be the sole operator and manager of Hamilton International Airport, prior to TradePort ‘s management the Airport was operating at a loss.

Hamilton International Airport Limited is a privately held company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Vantage Airport Group, a leading global airport investment, management and development company. Vantage Airport Group is an industry-leading investor, and developer of airports around the world with a current portfolio of 10 airports.

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is a growing passenger airport and the largest overnight express freight airport in Canada. Focused on providing fast, hassle-free service, it is Hamilton International’s goal to redefine the experience of flight for all its stakeholders.


As an international gateway in Southern Ontario facilitating the efficient movement of people and goods, we are an economic engine and a responsible community partner.


Recognized by the world as the best global gateway in Canada for affordable travel and goods movement.


To our passengers, partners and people we value:

Safety and Security. Taking immediate action to ensure we achieve the highest standards.

Quality and Operational Excellence. Constantly striving to exceed expectations by providing high quality airport services and infrastructure.

Respect and Integrity. Embracing a culture of integrity and accountability for our actions.

Improvement and Innovation. Committing to grow our business through continuous learning to achieve cost leadership and to deliver winning results.

Teamwork and Recognition. Creating a positive experience every day by being friendly, having fun and recognizing achievements.