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Airport Amenities

Hamilton International Airport offers passengers a number of amenities both pre and post security.  Please view the Airport terminal map for exact location of amenities.

Tim Hortons

Two Tim Hortons restaurants are located on site, both pre and post-security. Please be advised: Tim Hortons post-security offers beverages and baked goods only.  Passengers may purchase food items at Tim Hortons pre-security and bring them through screening, so long as they are not liquid items (ie. beverages, soup, etc.) as per CATSA regulations.


Hamilton International Duty Free and Departures Retail Outlet

Hamilton International offers passengers travelling internationally a duty-free shopping experience through Hamilton International Duty Free.   Departures retail outlet is located post-security in the Departure ‘s Lounge and provides passengers travelling domestically with duty-paid ‘convenience’ item purchase options, including pre-packaged salads and sandwiches.

J&A_Logo_FINALJ&A’s Bar

Offering a variety of beer and wine options, J&A’s Bar is located in the Departures Lounge and is open for all flights after 11am.


Car Rental Service

Hamilton International provides passengers with on-site car rental services.




Bank Machine

Hamilton International Airport has ATM’s located both pre and post security for passenger convenience.

canadian warplane heritage museum

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Located directly beside the Airport Terminal is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. When passengers present a same day boarding pass they are granted free admission to the museum making it a perfect way to pass time if there is any to spare between arrival at the Airport and departure.



June 14th, 2019 - National Trade Corridor Funding Announced for Hamilton International Airport

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