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    May 24th, 2013

    • Introducing Terminal Tuesdays!

      If you’re into runways, jet streams and everything Airport, then Hamilton International’s ˜Terminal Tuesdays’ is sure to get you ready for take-off!

      Introducing Terminal Tuesdays “ our new fun fact sharing way of bringing you up-close and personal with Hamilton International! Each Tuesday, beginning on May 28th, we will be Tweeting a fun fact or feature to …


    April 19th, 2013

    • Hamilton Chamber OBAA Nomination

      In March 2013, John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport was honoured to be nominated as one of the three finalists in the Ironman category for the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Achievement Awards.

      The award recognized private enterprises in the City of Hamilton who have contributed over a period of 15 years or more to the growth and well-being of our communit…


    March 12th, 2013

    February 21st, 2013

    • Winter Operations at Hamilton International

      When Mother Nature decides to snow over Hamilton, some workplaces might slow down operations or even close while they wait for the inclement weather to pass by. But when the snow hits the ground at Hamilton International Airport, winter operations ramp up!

      With the weather we’ve been having lately, do you ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes at the Airport to ensure you…



September 13th, 2018 - Hamilton International Launches 2018/19 Winter Program

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