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Incentive Programs

Hamilton International works with airlines to develop incentive opportunities that meet the both airline and the Airport’s goals.  Focusing on three guiding principles, Hamilton International offers unique and strategic partnerships that produce results.

Guiding Principles of Air Service Development

Partnering Approach

Hamilton International views air service on both the passenger and cargo side as a long-term relationship; without airline success there isn’t airport success.  Hamilton International couples its value-add proposition of cost and time savings with a proactive, flexible and innovative attitude to foster win-win partnerships.

 Vantage Connection

Hamilton International Airport is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vantage Airport Group, an industry leading investor, developer and manager of airport assets. Hamilton International’s connection to Vantage allows it to incorporate best-in-class practices from around the world into its operations. By linking airline partners to the Vantage network, not only can synergies within the group be realized, but a long-term strategic approach can be taken toward air service development on multiple routes in the Vantage Airport Group.

 Connection to the Local Market

Southern Ontario is a very competitive and populated market with a natural catchment in excess of 2 million passengers. Hamilton International views its role in air service as extending past a route development agreement by linking the airline with the local community, providing knowledge of the region and supporting an airline’s effort in owning the market.

Hamilton International Airport views each air service development opportunity uniquely; each incentive program developed will be specific to the suggested routes.  Please contact for more information on passenger opportunities or cargo opportunities.


June 14th, 2019 - National Trade Corridor Funding Announced for Hamilton International Airport

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